Child Care Quality And What To Expect From A Center

What should you expect from a high-quality child care center? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), high-quality early education experiences can improve the young child's cognitive and physical outcomes. If your child is ready to start daycare, take a look at what you should expect to see in the center and from the provider.

A High Degree of Knowledge

High-quality child care providers have extensive knowledge of children and child development. Teachers and other adult staff members should have a degree or some formal educational background in child development, instruction and learning, early education, or something similar. 

The specific necessary or required level of education or combination of education and experience necessary to teach young children varies by state or local licensing agency. If the center isn't state or locally licensed, continue your search. Unlicensed centers don't follow educational/experiential minimum guidelines and may not employ teachers with the right type of child development knowledge.

A High Degree of Supervision

Knowledge of child development and instructional practices can help the daycare or preschool teacher to create activities or a full curriculum that meets the needs of the children and helps them to grow academically, cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically. Even though a quality educational environment is important, it isn't all you should expect to see. 

Daycare centers have two primary purposes—to educate and care for children. This means your child's provider should supervise the students at all times. You should never see (or hear of) a time when the teachers or support staff aren't in the classroom. Beyond a physical presence in each room, the adult employees should always pay attention to the children. This could include engaging in activities with the children or standing/sitting nearby as the children play, explore, and make discoveries.

To adequately supervise children in an out-of-the-home care setting, the center should follow the local licensing agency's staff to student requirements. This ratio changes by age and should reflect the best current practices.

A High Degree of Reliability

Continuity is crucial for your child. Your young student needs to know what they can expect from the school day. If the teachers are constantly absent or there is a high staff turnover, they may not get the education you expect. While every center goes through changes and it's normal for teachers to miss a few days due to illnesses or other similar issues, you shouldn't see a revolving door of staff members your child never gets to truly know. 

For more information, contact a child care center in your area, such as FAMC Family Education.